1. 1. Do I have to wait a month or so if I wanted to paint or spray the unfinished natural furniture with a wood finish or  protector?


No. Our furniture is made from lumber that has been completely dried  before cutting into any furniture parts. It will not resemble the heavy, wet lumber you get from your retail lumber store. We DO NOT recommend painting the dark unfinished natural furniture whereas the lumber has been pressure treated using CA preservatives. You will likely get very unfavorable finish results of spots and streaking within a week or two afterwards. However, we do recommend perhaps a clear or simi transparent color tinted oil based wood protector discussed further in the FAQ’s section. It IS NOT recommended you use a polyurethane finish unless you intend to keep in a covered area. From experience…. it darkens the wood and peels.  (CA preservatives has been endorsed as environmentally friendly by many environmental groups).

2. Our unfinished chairs, can we leave them natural or do they require maintenance? What do we need to do to maintain them?


For Pressure treated Natural (CA) – A good cleaning annually is always good using a bleach & water solution but, not necessary if you like it the way it is. Regardless your furniture over time will turn into a beautiful patina silvery gray. An application of a clear or semi transparent color tinted wood protector such as Cabot’s or Olympic will no doubt help prolong the life of your furniture just as waxing your car or protecting the wood siding or deck on a home. Either way your furniture will remain structurally sound for many years to come.

3.What causes outdoor pressure treated wood to “crack”? What is “checking”? 


“Checking” is a term used in the lumber industry to describe the natural cracking that may appear in outdoor pressure treated pine. It is normal and is expected but, will not adversely effect the structural integrity of your furniture. This can me substantially minimized by using clear wood protector brands which is easily applied by spray or brush.

4.Your furniture with painted finishes?


We know…. in #1 above it says painting is not recommended? First of all we use a completely different treatment process for the lumber used for furniture with finish colors.

For that we use MCQ preservatives for the pressure treating process which is in fact suitable for painted finishes. Again the lumber has been completely dried before cutting into any furniture parts.  (MCQ preservatives has been endorsed as environmentally friendly by many environmental groups).

5.What if I want a color I do not see?


 If you are ordering more than 6-8 chairs we do have the ability to color match for your particular setting if you have the manufacturers name and color number.  There is a minimal charge of $35.00 per color plus can add as much as 3 additional weeks to your order as we have to have this blended at the Sherwin-Williams industrial facility. 

6.What kind of paint do you use to paint your furniture?


Weathercraft painted furniture is handled in an entirely different way than most might think. After furniture parts have been cut in the machine area, every part is then carefully hand sanded to ensure a perfect smooth finish and then assembled into furniture.

After assembly all nail holes are filled and sanded the furniture is spray coated with an industrial block seal primer….and sanded smooth again.  Afterwards it is sprayed with TWO (2) coats of Sherwin-Williams commercial grade exterior latex based paint.

7. How thick is the wood you use?


Classic Adirondack Chairs/Rockers: 3/4″ stock except for the arms, back legs, and the back support which is from 1″ stock.

Tete-a tete: 3/4″ stock except for the arms, back legs, and the back support which is from 1″ stock.

Balcony / Pub Chairs: 3/4″ stock except for the arms, front & back legs,footrest supports, and the back support which is from 1″ stock.

Accent Side Table & Footrest: All with full 3/4” stock

8. How difficult is assembly?


Unfinished Natural – Ships UPS / FedEx Ground* Chairs, Rockers, and Swings are shipped knock down (KD) which are already partially assembled by some 75% so re-assembly is easy taking about 15-20 minutes. Plus we include easy assembly instructions. Accent Tables, and Footrest need no assembly. They ship already assembled. *Tete-a-tete (Double Seater) ships fully assembled and ships motor freight only. Note: If multiple pieces are are ordered, ie: 8 or more chairs, they typically will ship motor freight “fully assembled” which is more cost effective. Painted Finishes – All furniture with painted finishes ship fully assembled-no assembly required however, ships motor freight only. EXCEPTION: Footrest and Accent Tables can ship ground

9.What kind of hardware do you use?


We use only the highest quality weather-resistant hardware to assemble our furniture. Bolts, Nuts,& Washers are “genuine” hot dipped galvanize and VERY weather proof…. especially in salty coastal climates. Screws are ceramic coated galvanize steel AND nails are stainless steel for ACQ furniture and galvanize for MCQ furniture. (DON’T be fooled by imposters using “shiny” silver or “gold” colored hardware and calling it galvanize…it is not). Commercial Series – Bolts, Nuts,& Washers are “genuine” hot dipped galvanize. Screws are ceramic coated galvanize steel. NO NAILS in this series…. they are tough! What ever the climate your in, we have you covered so you can be assured that all components of your Weathercraft® Outdoor Furniture will last for years of enjoyment. Optional: To prolong your furniture, we do offer an All Stainless Steel screw option available for those in the extreme salty coastal climates.