Adirondack Furniture Colors

Aside from our natural unfinished furniture, we are proud to offer  fourteen (14) different color finishes for you to choose from all in a satin/semi gloss finish.

All of our painted furniture is finished in a totally different way than the “unfinished natural” furniture.  Every piece/part is individually pneumatically hand sanded before assembled into furniture, nail holes are filled and finish sanded to a smooth perfection before going into the finishing area.

We then spray the entire assembled piece with an exterior stain block primer and hand sand once more after drying. Then applying  two (2) coats industrial grade latex paint leaving a beautiful smooth satin-semi gloss finish.  You will receive your Weathercraft product(s) with a Sherwin-Williams commercial finish which we have found to be superior in quality and we think you will too.



Carolina Blue State Red Purple Moonlight Black
Mango Yellow Lettuce Green Pink Rose
White Aqua Forest Green Melon
Atlantic Blue Parrot

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