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Adirondack Furniture, Chairs and AccessoriesAdirondack Chairs  1988-2017 … 29 years strong bringing you some of the most comfortable quality Adirondack Furniture ever made.”

Weathercraft® Outdoor Furniture, Inc. has been Manufacturing Adirondack Chairs since 1988 and have mastered the manufacturing process to perfection. You will find our adirondack furniture, adirondack chairs, swings, and accent accessories in homes all over the USA including the Bahama’s and other Caribbean Islands…in fact we’ve even shipped to Switzerland. Each piece is crafted and finished in our manufacturing facility and because of our handmade quality it can take up to 4 weeks to ship during our peak spring and summer months (April-July). However, when you factor our handmade quality and attention of every individual piece, the wait might not be so bad. You are getting  quality Made in America outdoor furniture that was crafted with two experienced hands all just for you. When we say “Proudly Made In The USA” we say so with much pride. In fact our chairs have been rated among the – Top 10 Best Adirondack Chairs – maintaining a 4.5 to 5 star rating among those that purchase and review our products.   

FURNITURE MATERIALS: All of our furniture has been pressure treated pine and then dried for protection against decay, rot, and harmful insects. The traditional “unfinished natural” pressure treated furniture still remains a strong favorite because of it’s long lasting low maintenance endurance which will turn into a silvery gray over time. As an option we also offer factory applied Olympic UV wood protector that will extend maintenance worries PLUS we also offer optional stainless steel screws for those in salty coastal climates. You may also choose from a number of traditional and bright colorful finishes to meet just about anyone’s taste. 

LUMBER: We use only #1, premium, and C grade lumber for all of our Adirondack Furniture, Chairs, Swings and Accessories.  This means it is 98% knot and blemish free which are grades not typically found in most building and lumber supply stores. We buy all southern yellow pine direct from the lumber mills and then send to be pressure treated (sometimes referred to as “salt treated”) and then completely dried after treatment. Unfinished “natural” furniture is treated with CA (copper Azol) treatment while furniture used for painted finishes have been treated using MCQ (micro copper quat) treatment all of which makes the furniture rot and insect resistant. Both CA and MCQ preservative pressure treating is fully EPA approved and has additionally been endorsed by many nationally known environmental groups.

OUR HARDWARE: is Very Weather Resistant “Genuine Hot Dip Galvanized” ( ALL bolts,nuts,washers) and the screws are coated galvanize steel with stainless steel nail/brads used on our unfinished chairs and galvanized nails for furniture with painted finishes. Optional: All Stainless Steel screw and Stainless Steel nail options are available for a small upcharge. This option is especially important for those in coastal climates PLUS…for unfinished furniture we offer factory spray applied Olympic UV wood protector.   

ADIRONDACK CHAIR CUSHIONS: Sunbrella® and Sunfield® Outdoor Fabrics has set the standard known for it’s outstanding quality for outdoor endurance. That is why we use the best for our Adirondack Chair Cushions to extend the comfort of an already very comfortable chair. Every chair cushion we make fits the contour curve of the back and seat and tie in place to keep secure.

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